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 In the market, many different hand creams are moisturizing to your hands.

However, none of them has the capability of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your hands.

Rozcare Moisturizing Hand Cream contains our core technology, Rozinco, to prevent the spread of diseases and is also certified non-toxic, does not cause skin irritations or allergies. It also contains ingredients to help moisturize your hands which is extremely beneficial and essential to women. Our anti-bacterial hand cream has no alcohol and will not chap your hands, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

The moisturizing hand cream has a negative ion oxygen shielding forming
an invisible film that protects your hands from harmful bacteria and viruses
for as long as 6 hours. This oxygen shield is effective in killing all types of
Coronaviruses, HFMD viruses as well as any bacteria.

Copper Distributorship: You will receive 300 tubes with an upfront payment of $1800 SGD.

Silver Distributorship: You will receive 800 tubes with an upfront payment of $4000 SGD.

Gold Distributorship: You will receive 2000 tubes with an upfront payment of $8000 SGD.


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